Useful Notes on Notice Boards

Published: 17th February 2009
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Useful Notes on Notice Boards

Keeping large numbers of people up to date with events and schedules can be a difficult task. Whether it is in a working, home or public environment, notice boards can be used as a method of informing and reminding people of things they need to know.

People have left signs and messages for others to interpret since the dawn of mankind. In modern times, when such reliance is placed on computers and telephones for communication, notice boards are still widely used. Offices, schools, public buildings and many others all make great use of this product. In fact any large institution will often issue notices and bulletins to ensure everyone concerned is kept notified of relevant issues. Notice boards are a key part of this. They can be used to display eye catching and important information and are often best placed in highly used areas such as corridors and canteens. Brightly coloured notice boards can be used to attract attention to the articles they display, or colours that match nearby furniture or company logos.

Anyone purchasing a notice board needs to know which kind is most appropriate for the task in hand. All notice boards must be properly fixed in place to avoid any danger of them falling and causing either damage or injury. For most general needs an ordinary notice board will suffice; these are usually very durable and practical. Sometimes a sealed, even tamper and fire proof notice board is necessary, mainly when displaying important documentation. In schools and colleges some pieces of student work displayed may need to be similarly protected. Pins or staples can be used to affix papers and there are advantages and disadvantages of both. Pins are easy to place and remove on notice boards, but can be dangerous if fall onto the ground or if misused. Staples, although easy to place are harder to remove, but are safer in general than pins. This again is a choice that will need to be taken according to individual requirements and the environment concerned.

Outdoor notice boards are also widely available and are of course water proof. These are often seen outside restaurants and takeaways featuring detailed menus, or village halls listing upcoming events and matters of interest. Bearing in mind this is often one of the first things a potentially interested person will look at before choosing whether to pursue anything listed, presentation is vital. Outdoor notice boards usually feature some form of ventilation to prevent condensation obscuring view and causing damage to notices. They are almost always lockable and very often quite resilient to acts of vandalism. Although vandalism is a matter that, in an ideal world, would not be relevant, it is certainly a factor that needs to be given some thought both when purchasing and placing outdoor notice boards.

Whatever the notice that needs to be displayed, or where it needs to be, it is pretty much possible to find a notice board for any situation. It is possible to get a message across using people's innate observation skills - simply through pinning things on the right notice board.To explore our range of notice boards in general, further, please visit our website at

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